Miguel Calatayud, Part One

For my next illustration assessment I was tasked with repeating the previous assessment utilising a different illustrator. I’m still not that confident in my drawing abilities so I didn’t want to tackle anything too complex. What I did want to explore was colour and shading, as my Shel Silverstein illustrations were very simple and sparse.

I chose an artist called Miguel Calatayud. He doesn’t seem to be that well known outside of Spain but his pop art style appealed to me greatly. His work reminds me a lot of Peter Max, another artist I greatly admire, and also Heinz Edelmann who was art director on the Beatles film Yellow Submarine

I used Adel watercolour pencils, which I used to love as a kid so it was a joy to use them again. It’s also making me consider using proper watercolour paints in future work.

As before, I have started with seven direct copies of Calatayud’s work








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