Illustrated Book Covers.

For my subject on illustration, I had to illustrate the covers for 3 Penguin Classics books of my choosing, combining some stylistic elements of my two previously emulated illustrators, Shel Silverstein and Miguel Calatayud. For my illustration, I chose to depict a woman in aristocratic attire. The woman has been depicted without facial features, andContinue reading “Illustrated Book Covers.”

Miguel Calatayud, Part Two.

Continuing on my illustration unit, I had to do a further seven illustrations emulating pop artist Miguel Calatayud. This time, as with the Shel Silverstein unit, I had to take two separate elements from Calatayud’s work and combine them in to something new.

Miguel Calatayud, Part One

For my next illustration assessment I was tasked with repeating the previous assessment utilising a different illustrator. I’m still not that confident in my drawing abilities so I didn’t want to tackle anything too complex. What I did want to explore was colour and shading, as my Shel Silverstein illustrations were very simple and sparse.Continue reading “Miguel Calatayud, Part One”

Things I Want Science To Do For Me For Selfish Reasons

Looking back on how far we’ve progressed as a society, it’s astonishing to think of the technological advances we’ve made. Electricity, penicillin, the automobile, space travel… these are all things science have made possible for us, and by extension, has helped better our lives. Where would we be today without space travel? I sleep easierContinue reading “Things I Want Science To Do For Me For Selfish Reasons”

Shel Silverstein, Part One

  We are studying illustration at college this semester.  I love illustration, but I’m not the strongest drawer, so this was a great opportunity to hone up my skills. I think it’s a great medium for communication that really resonates with me. When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Charles MContinue reading “Shel Silverstein, Part One”

The real reason I know that.

A woman phoned me at work today, her last name was Krause. I correctly guessed the spelling and she sounded super impressed. Having an unusual name, I know what a relief it is when someone guesses the spelling right first go. From an outside perspective, I probably sound like someone who has travelled enough toContinue reading “The real reason I know that.”