Crumpler Hipster

A brief I did at college for a unit on advertising. We were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for Crumpler‘s light delight hipster. After conducting some target market research, I deduced that though bum bags have often gotten a bad rap, a lot of people would find them incredibly useful while travelling. My target market was to be international students, and I wanted my campaign to focus on travel. My concept was a hip pack with various ‘world monuments’ coming out of the bag, to suggest that the wearer has been collecting them as mementos.

The campaign had to work as a traditional billboard, an extra wide billboard, as well as vertical ads for newspaper and magazines. In order for the concept to work across these varying formats, I created two different versions of the ads. For the vertical ads, I made the leaning Tower of Pisa the most prominent monument in order to fill the negative space with some height. For the horizontal billboard ads, I kept the monuments shorter, but added a flock of colourful birds to fill the negative space lengthwise. There are also flamingos flying out of the bag in the vertical ads. this creates the illusion that the bag has just been opened, and these exotic birds have suddenly escaped. I felt that this created movement within the pictures.

Photoshop was used to create these advertisements.

The slogan I ultimately decided on was ‘Big world, small bag’.





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