Shel Silverstein, Part One


We are studying illustration at college this semester. 

I love illustration, but I’m not the strongest drawer, so this was a great opportunity to hone up my skills. I think it’s a great medium for communication that really resonates with me. When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Charles M Schulz and Quentin Blake. Their work was simple, but so smart and full of wit and pathos.

We had to choose an illustrator to do a case study on and emulate their style to help build our illustration skills. I chose Shel Silverstein. Every day I have to do a new drawing, for 21 days in total. For the first seven days, I had to do seven direct copies of Silverstein’s work. 

Having not done any real drawing in years, I’m just thankful they didn’t turn out a complete mess.


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